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Milk thistle oil capsular No.60

Milk thistle oil capsular No.60

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Milk thistle oil is a product of a holy thistle seeds; is used in the context of complex therapy as well as to prevent a number of diseases.


- diseases of bile passages and liver (i.e. fatty degeneration and alcohol intoxication; liver cirrhosis, and hepatitis);

- weight-reducing treatment;

- diabetes treatment;

- after chemotherapy and radiation exposure;

- reduction of cholesterin and risk of atherosclerosis; 

- while treating chronic gastritis, and  ulcer.

Dosage and administration: adults and 12+ take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day at mealtimes.          

Administration duration: up to 4 weeks; further administration should be agreed with your doctor.

The daily dose should not be exceeded.

Chemical composition:

1. Saturated fatty acids – palmitinic acid (7-8%), and sterarinic one (3-5%). Mono-and polyunsaturated acids – linolenic acid (63-64%), oleinic acid (20-22%), and alpha- linolenic one (1-2%).

2. Owing to the acids, cholesterin is reduced. Cholesterin plates are not formed on vascular walls; risk of atherosclerosis is reduced.

3. Silimarin is the most powerful hepatoprotector since it protects hepatic cells, and stimulates their regeneration. Moreover, it prevents digestion of toxins and poisonous substances; protects hepatic cells stimulating their regeneration; and intensifies bile generation.

4. Vitamins:

- А and Е improve state of visual organs and skin; and prevent infectious diseases as well as ageing processes;

- D favours digestion of phosphorus and calcium;

- К  is “antihemorrhagic” vitamin preventing  bleeding. Moreover, it provides calcium-vitamin D cooperation;

- Vitamins of B group are required to normalize function of nervous system, and cardiovascular system.

5. Chlorophyll activates both regenerative and metabolic cell processes. Moreover, it stimulates blood formation.

6. Micro-and macroelements: copper, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. They are required for normal secretion of a pancreatic gland (i.e. insuline generation). Moreover, they participate in the functions of reproductive system.

Pharmaceutical form: 60-capsule container, 300 mg each. The capsular form makes it possible to preserve all active substances maximally.


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