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Garlic oil in capsules No.60

Garlic oil in capsules No.60

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Dietary supplement “Garlic oil” is a set of considerably useful substances: vitamins (С, Е, D, А, В1, ВЗ, В5, В6, В9), minerals (potassium, zinc, sulfur, selenium, iodine, manganese, copper, phosphor, magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium, germanium), essential oils, and phytoncids.

Garlic benefits are stipulated by the content of vitally important chemical compound of allicin. Being the intermediate product of alliin transformation, it has bactericidal properties.

Garlic oil improves functionality of cardiovascular system, upper and lower respiratory tracts, immune system; it also protects against respiratory and virus infections.

Recommended for following cases:

- to prevent and treat bronchitis, pneumonia, ARVI, URI and other catarrhal diseases;

- to thin and remove expectorations at bronchitis and pneumonia;

- gastro-intestinal tract diseases, if there is poor appetite, stomach secretary malfunction, dysbacteriosis, intestine infections, gastroenterocolitis, and coprostasia;

- Type 2 diabetes;

- Obesity;

- Atherosclerosis and measures for its prevention; hypertension, poor blood microcirculation, increased blood lipoproteid content, thrombophlebitis;

- To prevent oncology diseases, decelerate growth and development of cancer cells.

Dosage and administration:  1-2 capsules with large amount of water 3 times per day. Course of administration is 1 month, 2-3 times per year.

Chemical composition and action:

1. Sulfur-containing compounds (sulfur is in aminoacids, e.g. taurin). It participates actively in cellular metabolic processes, supports stable state of the internal environment, takes part in regulation of cell membranes capacity (support sodium concentration (beyond the cell) and potassium and magnesium (inside the cell));

2. It has antibacterial properties which are comparable to the effect of some probiotics; it increases protective properties of organism in case of colds and outbreaks of infection diseases;

It is efficient while treating bronchitis, pneumonia, and colds. Owing to its bronchiolitis effect, garlic oil helps thin and remove expectorations;

3. Secretory, irritating, and reflexive action, stimulates functionality of gastroenteric tract intensifying gastric juice and bile secretion along with appetite growth.

4. Suppresses fermentation and decomposition processes in gastroenteric tract; helps normalize intestine microflora;

5. Participates in the processes of organism rejuvenation, skin regeneration and acne removal;

6. Phytoncids of the garlic oil decelerates activity of tumorigenic enzymes preventing transformation of common cells into cancer ones;

7. Dilates blood vessels, stops formation of sclerotic granulomas, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and arterial blood pressure increase.

How supplied: Pack of 60 capsules, each of 300 mg. Capsulated form allows preserving all the useful active substances.


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