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Biologically active dietary supplements (BADS)

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Dietary supplement "Vitamin Complex AE" is a combination of vitamins A and E, which gives a unique c..
40.00 грн.
“Flora - Plant” Echinacea is a prophylactic remedy to protect our organism during the period of..
41.00 грн.
Sorbofit is a biological active supplement. It helps improve metabolism and reduce body burden, remo..
2.00 грн.
«Activein» is aimed at prevention of varicosis development.  Vitamin С helps strength..
118.00 грн.
Amaranth oil is a natural product with high protein content; it acts as a revitalizer on the whole b..
63.00 грн. 60.00 грн.
- acute hepatitis (medicinal, toxic, alcoholic) - chronic hepatitis - fatty hepatosis of var..
42.00 грн.
Recommended for following cases: - genetic vascular malformations - arterial hypertension ..
60.00 грн.
Badger fat is practically a panacea for numerous serious diseases: pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic b..
73.00 грн.
Badger fat is almost panacea for numerous severe illnesses: pulmonary tuberculosis, chronical bronch..
150.00 грн.
Badger fat is almost panacea for numerous severe illnesses: pulmonary tuberculosis, chronical bronch..
108.00 грн.
Since the ancient time milk thistle is respected as one of the most potent biologically active plant..
44.00 грн.
Milk thistle is known for a long time for its unique healing properties. It increases protective pro..
44.00 грн.
Milk thistle is a high-efficient natural hepatoprotector. Milk thistle is considered to be a potent ..
43.00 грн.
Bilberry extract helps cell renewal of the eye’s retina and improves blood circulation. Useful p..
56.00 грн.
Basketplant has immune-modulating, bile-expelling, expectorant, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory effec..
61.00 грн.

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Biologically active dietary supplements (BADS)

Modern biologically active supplements

To support normal functioning of our body, every day we need a sufficient number
of nutrients. We cannot always get them by eating ordinary food. To solve the
problem, in the age of scientific and technological progress, specialists in the field
of pharmacology are constantly developing special biologically active food
supplements consisting of useful nutritional components. They include
nonessential and essential aminoacids, vitamin and mineral complexes, extracts of
medicinal herbs and berries.
Modern people eat a lot of processed chemical products which do not always
contain substances that are safe for their health. That results in weaknesses,
immunity decreases, loss of hair shine, wrinkles, and considerable health
deterioration. To improve your health you need biologically active supplements. It
is not a secret that dietary and biologically active supplements can saturate our
body with the necessary amount of nutrients and, as a result, extend our life.

Benefits of biologically active supplements

Modern manufacturers produce biologically active supplements in drops or in
tablet form. Food supplements are made exclusively from natural ingredients. For
example, their composition often includes healthful and useful extracts of rosehip,
hawthorn, bilberries, silimarin, and glucosamine. Companies producing biological
supplements develop unique and effective formulas that can influence positively
human health for many years.
High-quality biologically active supplements can be bought on website at
very reasonable prices. All the products are certified and delivered directly from
the manufacturer’s plant. Our range of biologically active supplements is rather
wide –everyone can always choose and order exactly what he/she needs and we
will take care of prompt delivery.
Use of biologically active supplements is necessary to reach various purposes. For
example, some modern biologically active supplements favour healthy sleep, settle
the nerves, and balance emotional state. Others improve vision with bilberry
extract as well as lutein and beta-carotene being a potent antioxidant.
Special biologically active supplements containing aminoacid complex are ideal
for people who lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports and those who do not have
enough protein food in their daily meals. By their characteristics, aminoacids have
a number of positive properties. These include: improving the performance of the
cardiovascular system; anti-stress effect; neutralization of free radicals; increase in
working capacity and physical activity. You can buy all the mentioned biologically
active supplements in our online store.

To improve immunity and resiliency, working capacity, and restore memory, it is
worth using natural biologically active supplements containing ginseng extract.
Biologically active dietary supplement “Tianshi tea” will improve heart muscle
function and blood flow. Thanks to its effect, toxins are efficiently removed from
gastro-intestinal tract.
We can offer various biologically active supplements for numerous purposes that
will have positive effect on your health because our products consist exclusively of
natural components.