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Edible gel “Senna + Prune” 120 ml

Edible gel “Senna + Prune” 120 ml

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Edible laxative gel “Senna + Prune” is a complex substance of natural origin containing plant extracts of a mild laxative and adsorbing action for efficient recovery of the disturbed motor-evacuation intestine function.

It is recommended as a preventive measure and as a part of a complex treatment: coprostasia (including chronic one), as an auxiliary mean to normalize defecation in cases of haemorrhoid, anal fissures, proctitis, for large intestine evacuation before X-ray and other medical tests.

Senna extract has laxative effect stipulated by the extract anthraglycosides (mostly sennosides A and B). In large intestine, anthraglycosides turn into Antron and anthranols stimulating large intestine interoceptors – as a result, intestinal peristalsis is intensified. Antron and anthranols prevents water and electrolytes absorption and favours water diffusion into the intestinal lumen. Owing to osmotic effect, there is a growing and softening of fecal masses as well as increase in filling pressure resulting in peristalsis stimulation.

Prune extract includes food fibers, organic acids, vitamins C, E, and B group, carotin, pectin, and tanning substances. Pectin and food fiber stimulate intestine contraction, have adsorbing effect removing toxins and slags. The extract has certain bile-expelling effect; it also shows antimicrobic salmonella and coliform activity, and helps normalize gut flora.

Vitamin C participates in absorption of numerous substances from intestine, in restoration of mucous membrane functions, stabilizes appetite, and increases resistance to different infections.

Dosage and administration: adults - 20 ml of gel (3 teaspoon ) in the evening before going to bed. When intestine function is normalized, a dose may be reduced to 10 ml. 

120 ml of gel contain:  drinking water, glucose-fructose syrup – 56 g, senna extract – 1.4 g, prune extract – 1.12 g, vitamin С – 1.4 g, glycerin, xanthane gum, guar gum, citric acid, “Prune” flavourant, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.



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