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Antitox (Kortes)

Antitox (Kortes)

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- acute hepatitis (medicinal, toxic, alcoholic)

- chronic hepatitis

- fatty hepatosis of various etiology  

- chronic cholecystitis

- initial stages of cirrhosis

Hill-growing saltwort is the basis of “Antitox” preparation. Its therapeutic benefit is stipulated by the complex of biologically active substances among which there are about twenty micro- and macroelements, aminoacids, betaine, and linolenoic acid.

Hill-growing saltwort is the efficient hepatoprotective substance to prevent and treat liver diseases, to protect and restore liver cells in cases of acute and chronic hepatitis A and B, fatty hepatosis of various etiology, medicinal and alcoholic intoxications, and cirrhosis.    

Hill-growing saltwort stimulates bile removal and prevents formation of gallstones. It also improves secretary and motor function of stomach and intestine, supports functions of a pancreas gland.

Rosehip is useful for normal functionality of kidneys, liver, stomach, and gastro-intestine tract; it helps remove wastes, normalizes blood circulation, and improves organism resistance to infection diseases. 

Saint-John’s-wort eases inflammatory processes and spasms, improves bile secretion, and accelerates removal of various toxins and bile pigments from the body. 

Nature gave burdock numerous valuable medicinal properties. 

Burdock root has a unique composition. Owing to the content of polysaccharides (inulin), it increases glycogen deposition in liver, improves liver and kidneys functioning, betters metabolism and protein uptake as well as normalizes blood composition.

Composition: hill-growing saltwort - 50 mg, rosehip fruits - 50 mg, Saint-John’s-wort herb - 50 mg, burdock root - 50 mg.

60 tab.


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