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COLLAGEN (Collagen sustavit) No.30

COLLAGEN (Collagen sustavit) No.30

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Collagen is well-known substance discovered in the early 20th century; it is still used actively in medicine.

Collagen is protein matrix of connective tissues of any organism. Structure of collagenic fibers looks like triple spiraled conductors; interweaving, they form solid frame to arrange all other cells.  Translated from the Greek, colla is glue, and genno is generative. In other words, it is a protein sticking together basic cell elements and forming new tissues and organs. Collagen is the constructional material for bones, vessels, muscles, copulas, vascular walls, teeth, nails, skin, and eye cornea. Collagen deficit results in quick aging of body tissues: vascular walls lose their elasticity, muscles lose their hardness, and skin loses its youth and elasticity. 

Movable joints are in a great want of collagen. It is a component of synovial fluid protecting movable joints against abrasion, strengthening surface of artilages and preventing their early breaking. Thus, collagen-based medicinal product is first recommended to those suffering from diseases of locomotor apparatus.

Those, suffering from rheumatism, arthritides, arthroses and other diseases, often demonstrate collagen deficit which addition may improve significantly well-being, mitigate soreness, and recover from malaise. Besides, it works upon bone density supporting their hardness correctly. Generally, the majority of age-dependent changes in bone tissue are connected with collagen deficit. 

Actually, collagen is natural substance synthesized within human body cells with the participation of vitamins and amino acids; normally, its quantities are sufficient   to satisfy all other needs. However, collagen synthesis and further formation of a connective tissue is quite complicated and time consuming process (that is why, deep cuts, traumas of joints, and ligament ruptures take much time to heal); under certain conditions (i.e. poor and unbalanced nutrition, strenuous physical activity, and sports) its deficit originates. Turnover of proper collagen reserves inside organism involves availability of a number of substances including vitamin C and certain amino acids. Due to the lack of the necessary components, collage fibers either experience gradual atrophy or decay. Traumas, age-related changes (at the age of 25+, collagen synthesis slows down), alcohol consumption and other bad habits also result in body metabolism malfunctioning and degenerative changes.

Despite the fact that collagen is a very common natural substance, it is a problem to compensate for its deficit. Several collagen types are available: collagen recovered from the skin, bones, and tendons of horned animals (collagen of animal origin); and that recovered from fish skin and bones (sea collagen). Recently, researches have proved able to synthesize plant collagen with the use of wheat proteins.  Currently, collagen-containing creams, tablets, miracle elixirs and various injections are much advertised; restaurants of healthy nutrition, where collagen is applied as sweet stuff and as a component of health-promoting cocktails are popular abroad. One would think it is quite possible to meet the collagen needs by means of eating habits. Oily fish (for instance, salmon), turkey meat, chondral and bone broths are rich in it. Nevertheless, not all collagen forms and types are highly digestible. As a rule, human organism tries to break down collagen getting externally. Advantage is that during the process of breaking down certain substances, which may be used for the synthesis of “native” collagen, are released. They may be used but they are used rarely. Moreover, the process is long-term and energy consuming; thus, it cannot be considered as the best way to add collagen.

Those, pursuing an active lifestyle, especially athlets, need collagen considerably.  It favours correct formation and development of muscles, strengthens tendons and ligaments. Thus, regular collagen additions are recommended; in the first turn, it concerns those who build up muscle, heavyweights.  Collagen sufficiency protects human joints and spinal column during excessive exercises preventing traumas, inflammatory disorders, and pain. State of almost every internal organ depends upon the state of collagen fibers since collagen is responsible for strength of tissues and their elasticity; moreover, a process of a wound or a trauma healing is just a process of collagen synthesis.

Owing to the promotion by manufacturers of cosmetological product, collagen has become known as the substance supporting youth of skin and its health. Positive effect of collagen on the human skin depends upon its capability to retain the required moisture content inside cells. Moreover, collagen fibers make tissues of a body including skin elastic. Their breaking results in atrophy, dewatering, poor nutrition and quick skin ageing, dullness and fragility of hair and nails; sometimes it factors into teeth brittleness.


COLLAGEN medication by   HEALTHYCLOPEDIA.COM ТМ is a specific collagen form - hydrolyzate. It is enzymatic products containing all amino acids required for collagen synthesis in a human body. It is the collagen form for better digestion, and faster absorption into blood; it participates in a new protein building favouring connective tissue turnover and, as a consequence, regeneration of joints (especially after trauma during postoperative period); it better the state of ligaments, tendons, bones, skin as well as other tissues and organs.  Moreover, COLLAGEN medication by HEALTHYCLOPEDIA.COM ТМ contains vitamin C taking part in the processes of collagen synthesis and providing adequate action of the medication.

Together with other medications of healthy nutrition by HEALTHYCLOPEDIA.COM, COLLAGEN medication is the perfect motive to support your organism and feel good.

COLLAGEN medication can be recommended for:

 - substantial improvement of locomotor system functionality;

 - combination therapy and remedial therapy in the context of degenerative and dystrophic changes;

 - augmentation of mobility and improvement of the health of affected joints.

 The medication is effective in terms of comprehensive treatment and in terms of traumatic injuries of locomotor system.

Dosage and administration: adults take a capsule 1-2 times a day during meals. Course of administration is up to 4 weeks. Doctor’s advice before use is recommended.

Counterindications: individual idiosyncrasy of the product components.

Composition: collagen hydrolyzate – 350.0; vitamin C – 50.0.




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