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Activein (Kortes)

Activein (Kortes)

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«Activein» is aimed at prevention of varicosis development. 

Vitamin С helps strengthen blood vessels. The source of vitamin C in the preparation is acerola. Acerola fruit is one of the best natural sources of vitamin C in the world. One acerola contains the same amount of vitamin C as four oranges do.    

Potassium helps ease tissue oedema. Magnesium acts as cellular energetic and vasodilator.   

Quercetin bioflavonoid prevents blood thickening and clustering, helps ease inflammations. It also improves blood circulation, strengthens capillary walls, and favours faster tissue regeneration after injuries and bruises.

Pancreatine improves absorption of useful substances. It accelerates food transit through the intestine.      

Rutin is very useful for those who suffer from varicosis. That is the substance which has the most considerable anti-varicosis effect. Rutin strengthens capillaries, makes vessel walls to be more elastic, reduces their permeability, and eases oedema of lower limbs and other symptoms of the disease.

Iron stimulates processes of generation, growth, development, and maturation of blood cells and thrombocytes – the processes which are in progress within the whole period of human life when old cells are replaced with new ones.

Grape seed extract has exclusive properties: they reduce activity of ferments weakening the vessel walls. The substance is used mainly to prevent vein and capillary diseases including venous insufficiency, venous varices, and capillary fragility.  

Horse chestnut extract increases venous vessel tonus and improves microcirculation that prevents formation of thrombs in blood vessels, normalizes metabolism in tissues surrounding the veins, and improves lymph outflow – as a result there is gradual ease of oedema and pain of tissues.  

Extract of Gingko Biloba leaves is the source of flavonol glycosides which prevents formation of thrombs, improves blood inflow to peripheral issues of upper and lower limbs, and strengthens vessel walls.

Dosage and administration:  1 capsule 2-3 times per day after a meal. If there are no other recommendations, course of administration is 30 days. 

Composition and how supplied: a pack of 50 capsules, each of 0.5 g.

1 capsule contains: vitamin С - 100 mg, potassium - 30 mg, magnesium - 30 mg, bioflavonoid (quercetin) - 100 mg, pancreatine - 100 mg, acerola (fruits) - 50 mg, rutin - 10 mg, iron sulfate - 10 mg, grape seed extract - 30 mg, horse chestnut extract - 10 mg, gingko biloba extract - 10 mg, inactive ingredients.

50 caps.


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