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Capsular evening primrose oil No.60

Capsular evening primrose oil No.60

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Evening primrose oil is the outright gift for women, complex natural remedy to solve a number of their problems. The oil is unique product to regenerate both hormonal and reproductive female functions.

Evening primrose oil is a source of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids including gamma-linolenic acid. Entering a body, gamma-linolenic acid is transformed into such unique substance as prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are very important for the generation of various hormones and vitamin D; for the functioning of female sex organs; they favour the control over muscle activity of alvus and fallopian tubes during menstrual cycle; moreover, they moderate PMS. Periodical pain during the days may results in the disbalance of prostaglandins.

Evening primrose may promote normalization of emotional state, moderation of premenstrual stress syndrome, control of bleeding intensity, menstrual cycle normalization, and alleviation of climax run as well as menopause symptoms. Such a positive effect as nonavailability of mood swings and sleep disturbances should also be noted.

Regular administration of evening primrose oil may complete a daily demand for vitamin E being immunomodulator, and powerful antioxidant; moreover, it may normalize reproductive function. Evening primrose oil support normal physiological processes in a female body; may regenerate skin cells; control cellar activity, prevent skin ageing making it young and elastic. It effects positively on the nervous system state

Administration recommendations: it has a favourable effect on the state of a female health and hormonal balance in the context of menstrual cycle disorders; may promote mitigation of climacterical and premenstrual syndromes as well as female sex organs diseases.

Dosage and administration:  1 - 2 capsules a day at mealtimes.

Course of administration is 30 days.

Composition: evening primrose (cowslip primrose) oil - 300 mg.

The product form is: a container with 60 capsules 300 mg each. The capsular form makes it possible to preserve all useful active substances.


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