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 "Vitamin Complex AE" № 30 (TM "Elixir")
Dietary supplement "Vitamin Complex AE" is a combination of vitamins A and E, which gives a unique c..
40.00 грн.
 “Flora - Plant” Echinacea (Kortes)
“Flora - Plant” Echinacea is a prophylactic remedy to protect our organism during the period of..
41.00 грн.
Amaranth oil capsular No.60
Amaranth oil is a natural product with high protein content; it acts as a revitalizer on the whole b..
63.00 грн. 60.00 грн.
Content: mg/capsule: Dihydroquercetin - 25.0, Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) - 75.0, Vitamins..
135.00 грн.
Badger fat
Badger fat is practically a panacea for numerous serious diseases: pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic b..
70.00 грн. 67.00 грн.
Badger fat (Ecosvit Oil)
Badger fat is almost panacea for numerous severe illnesses: pulmonary tuberculosis, chronical bronch..
152.00 грн. 127.00 грн.
BADS “Milk thistle – Echinacea” – Protection of liver and immune system No.100
Since the ancient time milk thistle is respected as one of the most potent biologically active plant..
44.00 грн.
Basketplant (Kortes)
Basketplant has immune-modulating, bile-expelling, expectorant, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory effec..
47.00 грн.
Bear fat No.60 (Ecosvit Oil)
A dietary supplement Bear fat is 100% natural bear fat. For ages, bear fat has been applied by nontr..
93.00 грн.
Bronchocaps (Ecosvit Oil)
It is recommended as a bracing preparation if respiratory diseases; favours normalization of respira..
74.00 грн.
Cat’s claw No.40 (Kortes)
- stimulates and restores immune system - suppress various disease processes - regenerate an..
76.00 грн.
Cat’s claw No.80 (Kortes)
- stimulates and restores immune system - suppress various disease processes - regenerate an..
149.00 грн.
Content: Powder of Reindeer Horns - 500 mg. Recommendations as to use: Dose for adults: per two..
241.00 грн. 216.00 грн.
Dietary supplement "Sinobronch" from the runny nose
Tortured a runny nose? Tired of addiction to vasoconstrictive drops?Sinobronch is the best herbal pr..
93.00 грн.
Eucalyptin (Kortes)
- antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substance - in cases of infectious and inflammatory diseases ..
42.00 грн.