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Food gels of TM «Healthyclopedia»

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Edible gel "Watch" 120 ml
Edible gel "Watch" is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to prevent ..
48.00 грн.
Edible gel “Cyborg” 120 ml
Do you feel discomfort with increased fatigability and decreased ability to concentrate? Do you noti..
67.00 грн.
Edible gel “Gastrogel” 120 ml
Edible gel “Gastrogel” is a unique complex of plant extracts having anti-inflammatory, analgetic, ca..
64.00 грн.
Edible gel “HAEMATOGEN”, 120 ml
Edible gel HAEMATOGEN is a source of complete protein, fat, and carbohydrate. The gel contains optim..
47.00 грн.
Edible gel “Hepar” 120 ml
"Hepar”-gel is an efficient combination of plant extracts of hepatoprotective action and vitamins of..
63.00 грн.
Edible gel “Kids Gel” 120 ml
KIDS GEL is a balanced combination of 6 vitamins, 4 minerals, lecitin, and bilberry for your child’s..
49.00 грн.
Edible gel “Senna + Prune” 120 ml
Edible laxative gel “Senna + Prune” is a complex substance of natural origin containing plant extrac..
58.00 грн.
Edible gel “Shark cartilage” 120 ml
"Shark cartilage" gel is the efficient combination of glucosamine and plant extracts of regenerative..
63.00 грн.
Edible gel “Valerian+motherwort+hawthorn” 120 ml
Edible sedative gel “Valerian+motherwort+hawthorn” is a traditional combination of plant extracts wi..
59.00 грн.