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Amaranth oil capsular No.60

Amaranth oil capsular No.60

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Amaranth oil is a natural product with high protein content; it acts as a revitalizer on the whole body.

Principal effects are:

- squalene is of antifungal, antitumoral, antiradiation, and antimicrobial action. Moreover, it is the most powerful immunostimulatory substance;

- vitamin  Е is the strongest antioxidant. Amaranth oil involves it in the form of isomer with high bioactivity.  It promotes detoxication; prevents apathy, and anaemia; stimulates immunity; intensifies restorative capacity; prevents cicatrization, and stimulates their resolution; and acts positively on genital sphere as well as reproductive capacity;

- it improves blood condition reducing cholesterin, and increasing hemoglobin content;

- vitamin A participates in the generation of steroid hormones; improves sense of vision as well as the state of a skin; and stimulates regeneration processes.  Moreover, it participates in the processes of a bone tissue formation; and intensifies secretory function of oil glands. Besides, it takes part in the reproductive system functioning; 

- vitamin D intensifies phosphorus and calcium digestion; participates a bone tissue formation.

The remedy is recommended as an additive in the context of treatment or prevention of:

- peptic ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, enterocolitis, hepatitis, and  cirrhosis;

- cardiovascular system diseases, i.e. hypertonia, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, and varicose veins;

- diseases and skin injuries, i.e. burns, cuts, scratches, psoriasis, herpes,  trophic ulcers,  acne etc.;

- diseases of urogenital system in women and men, i.e. anabrosis, cystis, premenstrual syndrome, climax, adenoma etc.;

- tuberculosis, virus diseases, infectious diseases, and fungal diseases;

- psychoemotional stresses, neuroses, insomnia, stresses, and other disorders of nervous system. It regenerates and improves memory; is helpful if intense mental workloads; 

- oncological diseases.

Dosage and administration: adults and 12+ take 1 -2 capsules 3 times a day at mealtimes. Administration duration is a month.

Chemical composition:

1. balanced complex of amino acids; one if the basic ones is  irreplaceable lysine  (100 g of amaranth oil contains 6.2 g of lysine);

2. squalene is up to 8%; hydrocarbon belonging to carotenoid group being among the most important components of  a human skin. It participates in the process of cell oxygenation by means of its release from water;

3. phytosterols are up to 2%; structural components of cell membranes;

4. fatty acids of polyunsaturated series – Omega-3, Omega -6, and Omega -9 are up to 76%;

5. micro-and macroelements, i.e. phospohorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese etc.; 

6. vitamins A, Е, and D

Pharmaceutical form: 60-capsule container, 0.3 g each.



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