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Cream-gel “CAPSICUM. Red pepper” (Kortes)

Cream-gel “CAPSICUM. Red pepper” (Kortes)

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- pain reliever;

- warming up;

- anti-inflammatory;

- relaxing muscles;

- improves blood microcirculation.

"CAPSICUM RED PEPPER" warming up is recommended for use in muscle and joint pains, various inflammatory diseases, before intense physical stress on the body. The effect of cream-gel is due to the constituent components, which have long been used in pharmacology as warming up mean and pain reliever.

Red pepper extract has a distracting and analgesic effect (primarily due to capsaicin). When the preparation is applied on the skin, a feeling of warmth appears. Pepper irritates the nerve-endings, but does not have a direct effect on the capillaries. The use of red pepper promotes the production of endorphines, as a result of this, there is a reduction in pain and a reduction in stress, and also red pepper has an analgesic effect. Thanks to stimulants of plant origin, red pepper reduces edema and improves microcirculation, reduces pain.

Fir oil is an essential oil, which includes turpentine, borneol esters. Provides local irritating, distracting (analgesic) and antiseptic action. The distraction is due to the ability of fir oil to penetrate the epidermis and cause reflex changes in the body as a result of stimulation of skin receptors; a certain role is played also by the release from the body of biologically active substances, in particular histamine which causes the expansion of blood vessels, the reduction of smooth muscles. In folk medicine and therapeutic practice they use fir essential oil in radiculitis, plexitis, and other diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

Methyl nicotinate (a derivative of vitamin PP) - has an irritating and vasodilating effect, thereby improving microcirculation and providing a warming effect; enhances the elimination of toxins and excess fluid.

Ingredients: glycerol, vaseline oil, isopropyl myristate, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, silicone oil, red pepper extract, stabilizers QM, titanium dioxide, triethanolamine, preservative, cremophor СО410, fir oil, methyl nicotinate.

75 ml

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