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Cream HOODIA - it's only natural active substances, naturally rejuvenating the skin. The combination of coffee hydrolyzate and green tea plant ingredients allows you to get an early and persistent anti-cellulite effect of cream application. The active action of cream HOODIA is not accompanied by side-effects, each component complements the action of another.

Anti-cellulite cream HOODIA has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, increases the skin turgor, moisturizes and nourishes the epidermal cells, successfully prevents the formation of vascular pattern and couperose (capillaries radiating through the skin, which become brittle and fragile.

Extracts of mustard and red peppers warm up and improve blood flow, facilitating the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Soya-bean oil slows the aging process of skin cells, increases its protective properties, nourishes and tones up the skin.

Extract of seaweed contains a balanced cocktail of active substances, corresponding to the physiological needs of skin cells.

Coffee hydrolyzate is involved in the process of lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells), activating enzymes that break down fats; struggles with a stagnant process - cellulite.

Ivy extract has a pronounced drainage effect, removing excess fluid and waste metabolites (slags) from skin cells and subcutaneous fat.

Field horsetail extract nourishes the skin cells, narrows the pores, activates the removal of excess fluid.

Saint-John’s-Wort extract has antibacterial, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Pineapple extract effectively removes the inflammatory reaction, has a pronounced anti-edematous effect.

Green tea hydrolyzate - a powerful antioxidant, thanks to polyphenols and catechins, protects the skin at the cellular level.

Extract of artichoke and hoodia gordonia thickens the skin with the effect of smoothing fine wrinkles, reduces the signs of photoageing of the skin.

Wheat germ oil contains a treasury of nutrients and vitamins, primary stored by nature for a new life.

Method of application: the cream should be applied 1-2 times a day on problem areas and intensively rubbed with massage movements until a sensation of light burning occurs. The course of application is at least one month.

Composition: water, cerafil-230, glycerol monostearate, silicone oil, mustard extract, soybean oil, seaweed extract, ivy extract, horsetail extract, St. John's wort extract, cetearyl alcohol, pineapple extract, artichoke extract, coffee hydrolyte, green tea hydrolyte, triceteareth-4 phosphate, wheat germ oil, vitamin AEP complex, hoodia extract, carbopol, triethanolamine, red pepper extract, preservative (methylparaben, propylparaben, 2-bromo-2-NMDA-1,3-propanediol).

150 ml

Online pharmacy offers to buy Cream HOODIA with delivery to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Donetsk, Kirovohrad, Lutsk, Zaporizhzhya, Ternopil, Lugansk, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy, Khmelnitsky, Uzhgorod, Poltava, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr, Sumy, and other cities of Ukraine. Delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta or UkrPoshta.

You can make an order through shopping cart on the website or by phone ☎ +38 (056) 375-88-55, +38 (067) 634-30-77. is a reasonable price and high quality natural therapeutic and prophylactic products.

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