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Restoring cream-gel “Skipilar” with Sophora japonica

Restoring cream-gel “Skipilar” with Sophora japonica

Product Code: 01052

Price: 27.00 грн.

Restoring cream-gel “Skipilar” with Sophora japonica

- improves blood circulation at the site of application;

- promotes tissue repair;

- has anti-inflammatory effect;

- has anti-edema effect;

- has antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal effects.

The unique cream-gel "Skipilar" with Sophora japonica is a truly indispensable mean for difficult healing skin lesions. The combination of effects of turpentine and Sophora have such powerful regenerating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects that allow the use of cream-gel, even with the most complex injuries and trauma. Gum turpentine (refined turpentine oil) obtained by steam distillation of pine soft resin, and used for rubbing into the skin for various diseases. Anesthetic effect associated with the ability of turpentine to penetrate deep into the skin, and cause reflex changes in the body, resulting in irritation of the skin receptors. Turpentine improves blood circulation, relieves inflammation and has an antiseptic effect, and also has a valuable property to facilitate the penetration of associated substances into the skin. As a folk remedy turpentine is used to treat wounds, burns, phlegmon, trophic ulcers and other diseases. It stimulates the healing of various skin lesions (wounds, thermal burns, nonhealing ulcers), and has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. Sophora Japonica - a tall tree (up to 25 meters) with a thick spreading crown. Originally from Japan and China, this tree, very reminiscent of white acacia, has made its way into the gardens and parks of the Crimea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Unblown flower buds and fruits are used for medicinal purposes. As an external agent Sophora is used for burns and frostbite, injuries, boils, carbuncles, trophic ulcers and psoriasis, purulent inflammatory processes of the skin, to accelerate tissue regeneration for injuries, eczema, to treat abscesses, phlegmon, purulent wounds, bedsores.

75 ml


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Package 75 мл

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