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Contract manufacturing



An important area of the company's activity is contract manufacturing: your own product lines with minimal costs.

Since year 2000 company "Eliksir" Ltd. is a manufacturer of natural curative and preventive cosmetics and dietary supplements, the quality of which was appreciated by consumers in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Moldova and Latvia. Having at its disposal modern equipment, a laboratory certified by state standards and skilled staff, the company manufactures products that confidently embraces cosmetics markets at an accessible price and excellent composition. The company uses only high-quality raw materials and controls every stage of production, as evidenced by Certificates ISO 9001:2015, 22000:2005. The powerful technical potential and the well-established process of production allow us to offer a contract manufacturing of cosmetic and therapeutic and prophylactic products.

Our company not only provides contract manufacturing services, but also assists in the development and adaptation of recipes (formulations). The company also offers services in laboratory research of organoleptic and physico-chemical properties products of cream group, assists in the development of design, provides a complete package of permissions for introduction, production and market launch (sanitary and hygienic conclusion, certificate of conformity, quality passport). At the request of a customer, it is possible to provide services on registration of documents for the protection of intellectual property rights (registration of a trademark, trading stamp, production sample).







foam products — 400 kg

cream group — 400 kg

tooth pastes — 350 kg

syrups — 200 kg




Our company has been successfully operating for 20 years, and has already proved itself in the market, having confirmed the quality of products with hundreds of positive reviews. By delegating the production processes to Eliksir, you not only save time and money, but also get a high-quality result. With us you can: launch your own cosmetics line in the shortest time, order the working-out of recipes in accordance with your requirements, get permitting documents on turn-key basis, see transparent costing of products, be confident in the stability and timeliness of deliveries, expect to maintain the product even after launching - respond to comments in order to improve a number of indicators.


To ask about contract manufacturing, please call:

+380 (056) 375-88-54(55), +380 (056) 375-88-50(52), + 38 (096) 470-07-08, + 38 (050) 931-17-73 or write an e-mail to :