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"Eliksir" - online pharmacy of natural cosmetics

Over the decade company "Eliksir" actively engaged in the development of life-giving cosmetics and body care products for the whole family. Before the creation of each new product, enterprise technologists actively study and analyze the benefits of each component, as well as the complex interaction with other components. Thus they get the best formulas of natural cosmetics, which are presented on the shelves of our online pharmacy.

If you pay attention to the origins of cosmetology, you can see that healing and cosmetology for many centuries went hand in hand and separated relatively recently. But still, optimal body care can be obtained exclusively with medicinal cosmetics.

Online pharmacy «Eliksir» offers:

- Therapeutic and prophylactic, cosmetical  balms and creams;

- Natural hair care products:
- Therapeutic syrups;
- Biologically active dietary supplements;
- Line of baby balms.

Our products are unique in their composition and effect. Balms are indicated in the prevention and treatment of locomotor system, pain-relieving for joints, for rapid wound healing, for visual reduction of stretch marks and elimination of skin defects. A series of means to eliminate stretch marks and signs of cellulite is provided for women in the postnatal period.

Each preparation of company "Eliksir" has the appropriate performance certificates of toxicological, bacterial, physico-chemical tests verifying to the high quality of the products.

Medicinal cosmetics wholesale

Company "Eliksir" offers a full line of its products: creams, balms, medicinal preparations wholesales. Our company has developed a separate flexible discount system for the customers who regularly buy wholesale. In order to get a wholesale price list, you can contact us by e-mail or by phone: +38 (067) -634-30-77.

Our company is a producer of medicinal preparations

Most of the so-called "cosmetic" problems are directly related to these or other diseases of the body, lack of vitamins or microelements.In these cases, the use of conventional cosmetic preparations will not only help in solving the problem, but can also complicate the course of the disease. Therefore, "Eliksir" is not only a manufacturer cosmetic products, but also therapeutic and prophylactic. Our goal is to eliminate, rather than hide a problem.

Special attention is paid by cosmetologists to the treatment of problems from the inside. Nails will not cease to separate when using any local varnishes and emulsions until a sufficient amount of calcium begins to enter the body. Hair will begin to grow actively only with complex care (shampoos, balms, masks, and also a complex of vitamins and microelements). It is worth to miss only one drug and all the others will be ineffective.

Natural cosmetics is the insurance of health.

Today, when choosing cosmetics, most prefer those with natural ingredients. It was not always so. Not so long ago, the counters of domestic stores were filled to the maximum with jars with incomprehensible contents, applying which it was possible to get a quick, even a short-term result. None did not bother with a short duration, because then, if necessary, you could use the same mean again. But later there were consequences of these "miracle" means - dermatitis, pigmentation, early wrinkles, hair loss and much more. Is one day worth it? We think, not.

Company "Eliksir" has never chased the flash-like result, for years our experts have been developing natural cosmetics for effective and safe care. Natural cosmetics of Ukraine means "Eliksir". We have developed products that prevent in complex bad environmental impact, constant stress, lack of sleep and regular lack of vitamins.

Is there a cosmetic problem that you do not know how to solve? Contact our team member by phone or in online chat. We are happy to help you become beautiful and healthy!

You can buy medicinal products wholesale and retail, in this regard make an order through the shopping cart on the website or by phone +38 (056) 375-88-55. is a reasonable price and high quality natural medicinal products.

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